ZEUS - System Platform for remote monitoring, diagnostics and fleet management

What is

ZEUS platform?
ZEUS Platform is a group of systems designated for diagnostics and remote monitoring of machines and special purpose vehicles, such as: rails, cranes, tractors, loaders. It takes into account the construction, operation and the management of the monitored vehicles. Systems are a complex tool for integrating remote diagnostics of the vehicle along with managing the technical support and maintenance.

Who is

the ZEUS Platform dedicated for?
  • The management at the company - effective and complex supervision over the fleet of vehicles.
  • Dispatch centers - current information concerning the vehicles in-use, occurrences and delays.
  • Technical support centers - remote diagnostics, information concerning upcoming emissions tests, managing the tech support team’s tasks.
  • Service and maintenance departments - reports and overviews of vehicles’ optimal performance.
  • Dispatch Call Centers - daily selection of used vehicles, planning and optimal structure.

Structure of

the ZEUS system
  • ZEUS Core - dedicated device with custom made software using GSM, GPS and remote on board interface enabled.
  • ZEUS Server - server communication software along with sql database engine for storage and acquisition of data. Software integration module along with existing EAM and ERP systems.
  • ZEUS Menagement Application - www application designed to use standard Internet search engines, that allows to remotely access the data concerning the vehicle from any PC, or smart device at any location.

ZEUS MA - Management Application

Features of

ZEUS Management Application:

Monitoring: Real time vehicles status and alarms monitoring

Localization: Actual localization and routes analysis

Reporting: Flexible data presentation in Tables, Draws, XLS/CSV

Communication: ON-LINE connection for remote access and control

Service: Vehicle’s maintenance tasks management

Exploitation: Summarized reporting with factor computing

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